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The GMC Acadia is a crossover SUV that has been available for production since 2006 as a 2007 model of the vehicle. The body style of the GMC Acadia is a 5-door SUV, and it seats up to 8 people inside. Since this SUV came out, it has replaced two other GMC model, namely the GMC safari van, and the GMC envoy, as their new 8 seat vehicle. The GMC Acadia so far has had 2 generations of models come out, but has gotten multiple updates within the same models in different years. Sell my GMC Acadia for cash today!

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If you’re living in the Southern California region and are looking to sell a GMC Acadia that you own, then the best place for you to do business would be at the CarZilo vehicle buying service. This licensed cash for car service operates in most of the Southern California region, namely in Orange County, Ventura County, Los Angeles County, and the cities of Riverside and San Diego. CarZilo offers great customer service and a near guarantee of the highest possible offer for your vehicle. CarZilo’s process requires a minimal amount of effort from your end, and they will make sure all aspects of the sale are taken care of.

Sell my GMC Acadia Online!

The only thing you really have to do is sell your SUV online through their online form on their website. The web form can be filled in less than 5 minutes and the sale is almost as good as done once the details of your SUV have been sent to them. The required details are as follows: The year of release for your SUV, the make and model of the SUV, and the VIN number or license plate number of your vehicle, if it’s available. These along with your contact details are all that’s really needed.

Sell my GMC Acadia from home!

CarZilo will use this information to determine the current market value of your vehicle through cross referencing a number of different sources. They will then create an offer that beats the market value and ensures no other buyer makes an offer higher than them. You can choose to accept their offer within 5 days of receiving it. If you do so, an inspection will be scheduled with CarZilo’s team of experts. After the inspection, you just need to sign the DMV documents that CarZilo will prepare on your behalf, and then just take the cash from them on the spot.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is CarZilo?

CarZilo is a new, innovative and convenient way to sell your car for more. We are a licensed and insured California dealer, with over 25 years of experience, helping sellers to receive the most value for their vehicles.

Is CarZilo's cash offer free of charge?

Estimates are available cost-free to new and existing customers. Once you complete the “Sell My Car” form, we will do a phone interview and prepare a custom offer.

Why should I sell my GMC through CarZilo?

Thanks to our low overhead, we can beat Carmax and all other competitors. We will come to you, and work around your schedule, to make it more convenient for you.

How does the process work?

After we have your vehicle information, we will customize a Cash Offer. If you agree to CarZilo Cash Offer, to sell your GMC, you can bring your vehicle to one of our locations or one of our appraisers will come to you for a final inspection and to finalize all paperwork within 15-30 minutes.

Can CarZilo beat Carmax or any competitor’s offer?

We can beat Carmax or competitor’s offer within 5 days of obtaining the offer and upon final inspection.

All information, equipments, mileage, and damages should have been disclosed properly. Upload Your Offer to start and get more for your GMC. We may refuse purchase of some makes and models.

Is CarZilo Cash Offer, to sell my GMC, negotiable?

We do our best to provide a fair Cash Offer, for you to sell your GMC. we will also beat CarMax or any other competitor’s valid offers.

Do I have to accept the CarZilo Cash Offer, to sell my GMC, right away?

The Cash Offer, to sell your GMC, is good for 5 days or 250 miles. As long as you bring your GMC to us before that time, you’re good to go. If the deadline is missed, we will re-evaluate the offer.

Can I sell my GMC with mechanical and/or body damage?

We sure do! as long as they’re drivable.

Can I sell my GMC if it's financed?

You sure can sell your GMC even if it’s financed. You can start the process by providing your lien holder’s name and account information to obtain a payoff information before meeting.

Can I sell my leased GMC?

CarZilo buys most leased vehicles. Recently it has been harder to sell your leased GMC but depending on the leasing company we will negotiate with your bank. Please contact us for more information.

I have lost my vehicle's title. Can i still sell to CarZilo?

Yes, you can still sell your GMC. We require a valid ID, so we can confirm your ownership.

Do I need to contact the DMV after selling my GMC to CarZilo?

CarZilo will process all required DMV documents such as Release of Liability, Ownership Transfer and 262 Bill of Sale, on your behalf.

How do I get paid?

After accepting our offer, we can pay you with a company check, ACH bank transfer or Bank Wire on the spot. Wire fee may apply.

How does CarZilo evaluate my GMC?

CarZilo will check multiple sources, such as KBB, NADA, local retail market and wholesale market to offer you above market value for your vehicle. Get Stated to sell your GMC for more.