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The Dodge Charger is an American-designed and produced pony car that is arguably one of the most iconic-looking vehicles ever produced out of the United States. Often seen everywhere in pop culture, this car first came to the scene in 1964 as a concept car. It went into production in 1966 and has since seen 3 different models and a number of different body types, including a high-performance muscle car. Sell my Dodge Charger to a top car buyer today!

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If you own a dodge charger and are thinking about selling it, then you should really consider approaching CarZilo’s car buying service in Southern California. CarZilo’s licensed cash for car service is the best way to sell your old Charger without losing money on it. Normally when attempting to sell your old car, you will have to seek out and negotiate with a number of different buyers who may or may not be interested in making a final offer for your vehicle. Even when you do get actual offers for your car, many of them will try and undercut the actual value of your vehicle.

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CarZilo avoids doing that to any of its customers and aims to provide excellent service and a deal where all involved parties can leave happy. They use their website to let you sell your car online by filling out a form with the basic details of your vehicle. The form only really requires your contact information and a few details about your car, including the year it was made, the make and model of your car, and the VIN number or license plate number if it is available.CarZilo then runs this information through a variety of sources to determine a realistic market value for your car.

CarZilo then creates a customized offer for your car that goes beyond the actual market value of the vehicle. This removes the need for CarZilo’s clients to go through unnecessary negotiations or spend time and effort seeking out other buyers to compare prices. With an automatic highest possible offer, you can choose to accept it within 5 days of receiving it.

If accepted, CarZilo will prepare the necessary documentation for the transfer of ownership for your vehicle as well as schedule you for a day to inspect your car for a routine check to see if it runs fine. Once complete, you simply need to sign the documents and collect your cash.

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Our services are available across Southern California. Our main areas of operation include the following cities and counties.

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